Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join KoruHealth?
Only current Air New Zealand employees can join KoruHealth and the fees from 1st April 2018 are as follows. Single membership is $16.00 a fortnight. Married / Partner / Single Parent and Child is $32.50 a fortnight. Family is $38.00 a fortnight.

What do I need to provide to KoruHealth when I make a claim?
A completed claim form with original, detailed GST receipt and invoice for the treatment or services you received, or copies of them and an original Refund Statement if you have already claimed under a medical scheme such as Southern Cross

How long do I have to send in my receipts?
You have 12 months from the date of the treatment or service being provided

If I have cover under a medical scheme, what should I do?
You should process a claim with that provider first and obtain a Refund Statement. You can then send in a claim form with copies of the GST receipt and invoice for the treatment, along with the original Refund Statement.

Do all prescription drugs qualify for cover?
As long as they have been prescribed by a general practitioner or medical specialist, then they will be considered by the Board for cover.

When can I add dependants to my policy?
You can add dependants to your membership at any time, although a 3 month stand down period for any claims will apply. The 3 month stand down excludes newborns as long as they are added within three months of their birth.

What happens when my child reaches 19?
A member’s child is no longer covered under their KoruHealth membership when they reach the age of 19. However, the child has the option of taking up their own Single membership under the member’s coverage. The member should confirm in writing within 30 days of the child’s 19th birthday that they wish to take up Single membership. No 3 month stand down period will apply in this case.

When can I change my cover?
You can change your cover at any time, although if the change involves additional dependant(s), a 3 month stand down period for claims will apply.

What is a claims year and how do annual limits work?
A claims year is the period in which a benefit’s annual limits apply. This runs from 1st April through to the 31st March. For example, a Single member may claim for up to a maximum of $600 worth of GP fees between 1st April and 31st March. After 1st April, that $600 limit is set back to zero.

What happens to my membership when I go on leave without pay?
You should contact one of the KoruHealth administrators as soon as possible and let them know what you wish to do with your membership. You have the option of retaining membership (and paying fees directly), suspending membership (until you return from Leave) or ceasing membership.

Can I retain membership when I leave Air New Zealand Group?
In order to retain membership, KoruHealth membership must be held for at least 12 months with the Air New Zealand Group. All ex-employees are subject to higher fees.

Where can I find out more information about KoruHealth rules?
The KoruHealth policy document contains all the information you should need, however, feel free to contact the KoruHealth administrator if you have a specific question.

What if I have more than one surgical procedure at the same time?
The Medical / Hospital benefit limit is per illness, so multiple procedures for the same illness may be covered under the same benefit limit.

What if I need follow-up healthcare services after surgery?
The Medical / Hospital benefit limit is per illness, so any follow-up healthcare for the same illness may be covered under the same benefit limit.

What if I have treatment from a Chiropractor and they provide another service e.g. Kinesiology what benefit is this claimed under? 

If you are having treatments through a NZ Registered Chiropractor, although they may provide treatments such as Kinesiology this will still be classed as Chiropractor treatment as this is the qualification that the Chiropractor is registered as and this is the benefit that will be used.

The same applies for a NZ Registered Physiotherapist, although they may provided treatments such as Acupuncture this will still be classed as Physio treatment as this is the qualification that the Physiotherapist is registered as and this is the benefit that will be used.

If you are unsure of treatments being had by any of these providers please contact the KoruHealth Administrators for clarification.

The KoruHealth fees as at 1st April 2018 are

Membership Type
Single* $16.00
Married $32.50
Family $38

*This includes children aged 19+ and other children not covered under family.
All figures are quoted as per fortnight.



Membership Type – Retirees/Past Employee
Single* $915 ($875 with discount)
Married / Family $1295 ($1250 with discount)
Children 19+ $1295 ($1250 with discount)

All figures quoted above for Retiree/Past Employees are per annum and the discount applies to annual fees if payment is received before 1st April annually.